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The Case for Organic Marketing in Your Law Firm

organic marketing

Suppose you’re a legal professional keen on expanding your client base and enhancing your firm’s reputation. In that case, there’s an indispensable tool at your disposal that you just need to pay attention to organic marketing. While it may sound less concrete than the billboards you see on your way to work or the sponsored […]

How Investing $5,000 a Month Can Help Your Law Firm Grow

law firm

Investing in your law firm can be daunting, especially with a significant monthly investment of $5,000. However, fear not, as you can make the most out of this investment in several ways. The key lies in understanding the power of marketing and how it can help grow your firm. Here are some essential tips to […]

Why Your Organic Marketing is Not Working and How to Fix It

organic marketing

Organic marketing is essential for any law firm looking to grow its local audience. However, many law firms need help generating clients through organic marketing efforts. They focus too heavily on bottom-of-the-funnel messaging, a significant problem that can kill lead generation. To achieve consistent success in organic marketing, you must shift your focus to top-of-the-funnel […]

6 Ways Attorneys Build Authority and Connect with Clients Through Blogs


Blogs are an important part of legal marketing. Maintaining a strong online presence in the digital age is crucial for professionals in every field, and attorneys are no exception. With the advent of technology, the legal landscape has evolved, and attorneys must adapt to new methods of communication and information sharing. One powerful tool that […]

Has Your Website Been Hacked?


Hacked? As technology advances, hackers are advancing too! Cybersecurity should be a priority for your law firm. While you may be thinking “nobody would want to hack a law firm website,” The Rainmaker recently had a law firm client experience this exact intrusion! Our Client’s Story To protect our client’s identity, we will refer to […]

Mobile-Friendly Websites: 6 Design Tips You Need

mobile-friendly website

Your law firm’s website is critical to your marketing efforts. However, if your website is not mobile-friendly, you lose numerous potential clients. In fact, if your website takes too long to download or is not simple to use, your visitors will move on to a competitor. Advantages of a Mobile-Friendly Website We all use our […]

Do You Need a New Website for the New Year?


Is your law firm still using the original website created years ago? If so, it is time for a new website in 2023! Trends can come and go but making a great first impression will always be critical to your law firm’s success. Your website is often a potential client’s first impression and, if it […]

Law Firm Web Design Trends

web design

Law firms are known for having outdated websites. Online web design trends frequently change, but certain website trends are constant. For example, quick loading times and responsiveness are crucial to the success of your site. Below are a few new trends that we predict may also be here to stay: Fonts Sans-serif fonts have been […]

Is Your Law Firm’s Website Ready for 2023?


As we approach a new year, it is the perfect time to consider whether your law firm’s website should be updated. Your website is often the first impression a potential client gets of your law firm’s brand. Does your site properly represent all that you stand for, but as importantly, does it provide information in […]

Blog Basics


If your law firm is working on its legal marketing strategy, you likely are aware that quality content is the key to success. Unfortunately, many attorneys consider writing a blog to be too time-consuming and overwhelming. However, blogs provide significant business benefits that outweigh these objections, so attorneys must overcome these challenges or work with […]