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If your law firm is working on its legal marketing strategy, you likely are aware that quality content is the key to success. Unfortunately, many attorneys consider writing a blog to be too time-consuming and overwhelming. However, blogs provide significant business benefits that outweigh these objections, so attorneys must overcome these challenges or work with legal experts to provide blogs for them.

What Makes Good Content?

For the most part, legal blogs are not the place for your personal opinions but rather to educate and help your target audience find answers to their legal questions. Your blogs can be informal, but you want to make sure you are posting quality content. In sum, quality content is whatever is valuable to the reader.

Questions to Ask Before Posting

Who is my target audience?

Attorneys must be aware of your target demographic, including your readers’ age, place of residence, occupation, and other factors relevant to the legal services you provide. You may even want to research what these people connect with and the type of content that would benefit them.

For example, if your law firm provides estate planning services and you are targeting older adults with families, you may discover your readers need comforting and assurances that you will take care of them. However, if you provide litigation services, your target audience may want to know you are willing to fight for them. Drafting your blogs in a way that your targeted readers connect with can highlight the unique qualities of your attorneys while benefitting your overall marketing strategy.

What is your audience interested in?

Your blog topics obviously revolve around the legal services you provide. However, before you start drafting a blog, it is essential to focus on what your audience is interested in at that time. Has a celebrity divorce case been in the news lately that you can weave into a family law blog? Has a professional athlete been arrested for driving drunk and you are a DUI lawyer? If the Supreme Court issues a controversial decision, your audience will be interested in reading about it. These are the ways you can demonstrate that you are staying current.

It is also important to remember that your audience is facing everyday legal issues, so creating content focused on those topics can be lucrative for your firm too. If a potential client sees that you are providing quality information on the legal issue they are facing, they are more likely to return to your website as their matter proceeds. Once they get to the point of needing to retain a lawyer, they will think of you first.

How often should you post blogs?

There is no magical number of blogs to post each month. You must be realistic about what posting schedule you can maintain. The most critical factor is to routinely post new content. The rate of posting will be unique to your firm and the interest level of your audience. Too many attorneys set an unrealistic posting schedule that they cannot maintain, so they quit posting altogether after a few weeks. It is better to start slowly but remain consistent.

How long should my blogs be?

If you are optimizing your blog posts for SEO purposes, it is usually recommended that your blogs be 600 or more words. However, it is also important to avoid overwhelming your reader with a page of text. Using bullet points, paragraph headers, images, infographics, and other tools for breaking up the information is beneficial. You want to grab the reader’s attention and keep it.

In sum, crafting educational and entertaining legal blogs takes practice. Posting quality content does not only provide legitimacy to your firm, but it also helps online searchers locate you when they have a legal question. If you do not have time to write blogs because you are busy handling your client’s cases, it may be time to consider with legal marketing experts at The Rainmaker Institute.

Contact The Rainmaker Institute for Legal Marketing Help

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