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Rainmaker has worked with over 23,000 attorneys, and have been trusted and sponsored by 35 of the largest state and local bar association.

We Help Build Your Lifestyle Law Firm®?

Rainmaker defines the Lifestyle Law Firm®  as a firm that supports the core values of who you are, allows you to live the life you want and build meaningful relationships with others versus the law firm that drives you, dictates your life and ends up consuming your every waking moment.

The whole premise is that when you develop a law firm that takes care of all your financial needs, it gives you freedom to enjoy your life, and invest in the people and activities that are meaningful to you.    

How Do You Create the Lifestyle Law Firm® ?

Marketing and business development are only tools to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. When it comes to your business development efforts, Rainmaker believes you have four choices:

  • Do it yourself
  • Delegate it
  • Don’t do it at all
  • Done for you with outsourcing

We are passionate about helping you achieve what we call a 7-figure Lifestyle Law Firm®.  We pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of law firm marketing, so you don’t have to.


In Memory Of Stephen

Stephen Fairley, founder of the Rainmaker Institute and mentor to thousands of attorneys, passed away on October 5, 2020 after a battle with cancer. Despite his ill health in the last few months of his life, Stephen dedicated himself to helping attorneys navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, embodying his passion for helping lawyers achieve a Lifestyle Law Firm®. His legacy will live on through the company he built and the team he assembled, as they continue to provide proven marketing solutions to help attorneys grow their law firms.

Meet The Rainmaker Leadership Team

Philip-Sept 2023-ISBA

Phillip Fairley


Philip is the President of Rainmaker and passionate about law firm marketing, AI, legal intake and automation.  He is responsible for developing Rainalytics®, the first data tool that tracks and analyzes law firm data.

Joy Harvey


As CEO of Rainmaker, Joy sets the global vision and strategic direction of the company.  She manages the overall operations and ensures the company is reaching its goals. 

Mark Bonjean


Mark is an expert at identifying areas for improvement in law firm marketing and intake processes.  His wise counsel enables Rainmakers clients to significantly improve their lead conversion rates, resulting in impressive revenue growth.

jackie headshot

Jackie Davis


Jackie is known for running a tight ship and for her Southern charm.  She ensures Rainmaker client invoices are correct each month and keeping internal expenses in check.

Cindy Greenway

Cindy Greenway


As Rainmaker’s very first hire, Cindy has served in many different roles.  She is passionate about training intake specialists, as well as analyzing data and consulting with law firm owners to encourage growth. 

Samy Solis

lead conversion

Samy offers a strategic and problem-solving mindset and is full of out-of-the-box ideas.  He specializes in analyzing data and consulting with law firm owners to increase their conversions. 


Mike Cuevas

Video Marketing

As Rainmaker’s video expert, Mike runs the video marketing department and specializes in helping lawyers script, shoot, edit and distribute videos.  He is known for coming up with creative ways to leverage video content to generate attention.

joypreston headshot

Joy Preston


Joy is passionate about digital marketing strategy and learning new trends.  She is known for holding her clients accountable and working with them to implement strategies to attract leads. 

Jessie-Sept 2023-ISBA

Jessenia Fairley


Jessenia expertly manages the 2-day Rainmaker Retreat bootcamps, ensuring participants are well looked after.  She also coordinates the details for Rainmaker’s live speaking engagements across the country.