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Increase Lead Conversion With Automation & Data

Track your marketing dollars, automate your follow up, and make adjustments to increase your lead conversion for more signed clients!

Lead Conversion System

Rainalytics® & Turbine® Give You The Monthly Data, Technology, & Automation To Increase Your Lead Conversion By 20-40%!

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Law Firms only convert 5-15% of their leads nationwide.  That’s why we built Rainalytics®. Our technology gives law firms the ability to track their marketing dollars, automate their follow up, and make educated decisions based on data, not hunch.

Rainalytics® allows you to better understand what is happening with your leads so you can make adjustments and turn a a profit.

How Does Rainalytics® Work?

Rainalytics® is an online tracking system that reports the following:

  • The number of leads coming in.
  • The number of leads who schedule an initial consultation.
  • The number of appointments who show up for the initial consultation.
  • The number of people who sign up at the initial consultation or after the consultation.
  • Who is converting best; attorney or intake team.
  • Which lead sources are converting.
  • What the cost per client is.
  • Where your firm should  focus its marketing budget.

How Does TURBINE Work?

Turbine® lead conversion system provides the technology and automation for your law firm, while Rainalytics® provides you with your numbers. 

Turbine AUTOMATICALLY markets & nurtures every lead that comes into your firm. It’s like having more full-time intake staff that NEVER takes a break,  a vacation, or complains about pay!

Key Benefits:

  • Gives precise insight with monthly in-depth statistics based on real numbers which allows you to better manage your firm’s marketing budget and sales process.
  • Holds your Intake and Sales staff accountable by tracking all their activities!
  • Highlights what leads are most profitable for your firm.
  • Allows you to determine your return on investment.
  • Allows you to run your firm’s sales by the numbers.
  • Understand what types of practice areas are profitable.
  • Understand trends in your law firm.
  • Sends an average of 500 automated marketing messages to leads and potential clients each month.
  • If a staff person was handling this task —it would take over 80 staff hours each month to just send these emails. 

Personalize Your Follow Up

We'll write out and personalize specific email follow up sequences for ALL aspects of your practice.

Connect Your Lead Sources

We'll then connect all your lead sources so we can track everything and make smart decisions.

Monthly Consulting

Meet with your Rainmaker expert each month to analyze and adjust your marketing budget and practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your practice management system specializes in managing clients once they have signed with the firm.  By adding Turbine with Rainalytics, you gain insight into what is happening in your firm BEFORE a prospect becomes a client.  Rainalytics provides you with full transparency into what's happening with your marketing sources and within your firm's processes so you can make growth decisions based on real data. 

Turbine currently integrates with several practice management  programs - i.e. Clio.  We continue to expand integration capabilities - contact us to learn more about how we can connect to your practice management system.

Your Rainmaker Turbine team will provide you with the content for your automated follow up messages. 

Each month your Rainmaker consultant will review your Rainalytics data and identify what is going well in your firm as well as areas that need some improvement.  Not only do they analyze your data, they will provide you with recommendations on how to fix the holes.  All you need to do is show up to your monthly meeting.

Your Rainalytics dashboard is available to you 24/7.  You can access your data anytime, at your convenience.  Data is refreshed three times per day so  you are always reviewing current numbers to support your decision making.