Rainmaker’s Lead Conversion System® for Law Firms (aka TURBINE)

Most Law Firms Convert Only 5-15% of Their Leads

We continuously hear lawyers say, “we need more leads.” But in many cases, those law firms don’t need more leads, they just need to do a better job of converting them into clients! These firms need to better understand what is happening with their leads who is contacting their firm and fix the issues that are preventing qualified leads from converting into clients.

Lead conversion continues to be one of the most elusive aspects of law firm marketing. In fact, most law firms convert only 5-15% of their leads, costing them thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

How Do You Convert Leads?

Generating leads is the easy part. Converting them is where the rubber meets the road. And you cannot do a good job of lead conversion without a software system in place to automate the process.

To be any good at lead conversion you must track the following:

  • The number of leads coming in.
  • The number of leads that turn into appointments.
  • The number of appointments who show up for the initial consultation.
  • The number of people who sign up at the initial consultation.
  • The number of people who sign up later after the consultation.

The key is to develop methods for consistently staying in touch with prospects through every stage and encouraging them to take the next step with your firm. You need to have a software system in place that will communicate with people who have contacted your firm, but who have not scheduled an appointment and move them to take the next step. If they miss their appointment, your solution must communicate a sense of urgency to them to reschedule as quickly as possible. If they don’t sign up at the initial consultation, you must keep in touch with them, so they remember you when they are ready to take action. All of this cannot be managed manually — you need a software-driven system! The good news is The Rainmaker has created the first system custom designed for law firms. We call it our Rainmaker Lead Conversion System®.

To learn more about Rainmaker’s Turbine® System and how it can benefit your law firm, click here!

What is TURBINE?

The TURBINE lead conversion system is much more than lead tracking. It’s the complete solution to gaining full transparency into what’s happening in your firm so you can make business decisions to support your firm’s growth.

Turbine AUTOMATICALLY markets & nurtures every lead that comes into your firm. It’s like having more full-time intake staff that NEVER take a break, NEVER take a vacation, and NEVER complain about pay!

Key Benefits:

Management Team/Owner

  • Gives precise insight with monthly in-depth statistics, based on real numbers, on how to better manage your firm’s marketing budget and sales process.
  • Holds your Intake and Sales staff accountable by tracking all their activities – WITH RESULTS!
  • Highlights which lead generating areas are most effective for your firm.
  • Allows you to determine actual return on investment of budget spent on lead generation services.


  • Allows you to run your firm’s sales by the numbers.
  • Understand what types of practice areas are profitable.
  • Understand trends in your law firm and locale.


  • Keeps staff members on track related to follow up phone calls to prospects.
  • On a monthly basis, the system sends an average of 500 automated marketing messages to leads and potential clients each month.
  • If a staff person was handling this task and it took them ONLY 10 minutes to write an email and send it to the right client at the right time—it would take over 80 staff hours each month to just send these emails. This is equal to a half-time staff person!
  • Automatically nurture potential clients and increase the rate at which they become clients.

The Rainmaker Team Partners with You

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At The Rainmaker Institute, we understand that clients are the heart of your practice. The Rainmaker Lead Conversion System® dovetails with our content management services, allowing us to help your firm increase its conversion rate using customized blogging, e-newsletters, and social media marketing.

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