Lawyer Website Design & Site Management



How do you get to the top of search results? Lawyer website design.

If you want to be discovered, you need to partner with a specialized legal marketing firm that understands how to maximize your web exposure. And after you’ve been discovered, you’ll need a website that distinguishes you from your competitors.

Your firm’s web presence is more important than ever. Consider the following recent statistics:

  • 84% of adults in the U.S. use the Internet
  • 60% of adult Internet users have looked for an attorney at least once during their lifetime
  • 32% of adult Internet users have looked for an attorney in the last year
  • 76% of adults looking for an attorney used online resources


Your website should be a multi-faceted tool that reflects your knowledge base and professionalism. It should also help you generate new leads, convert leads to paying clients, and build relationships with current clients.

Dominate Google and generate new leads!


Just as you stay current on developing law, The Rainmaker Institute’s legal marketing experts keep up with the factors that correlate with web search success.

If your law firm website is not generating quality leads for you, it’s a loser.  We’ll help you create a website that quickly attracts and engages leads while reflecting your knowledge and personality.

We handle all the technical aspects of website development:

  • A proven platform for web design
  • Practice-area specific themes
  • Optimization for mobile use
  • Adequate bandwidth
  • Reliable web hosting
  • Availability of Live Chat


In addition, you retain the ability to update or change your website as needed. Together, we’ll build a prospect-attracting website to help you generate more leads, more business.

Convert leads into clients and clients into referrals

Generating new leads is only part of what your website can do. Your website should also help you convert leads into clients, as well as gain the repeat business and referrals of existing clients.

We’ll show you how to forge lasting relationships electronically by focusing on high quality content that is relevant to your website’s visitors.

Consistent, authoritative postings in your practice areas will garner the attention of leads, clients, and professionals and boost your online credibility and your revenue.

Our passion is to help you achieve a Lifestyle Law Firm® – one that is financially successful, personally satisfying, and gives you the freedom to enjoy your life and the time to do what is important to you.