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Attract & Convert More Clients With Video

Done for you video scripting, editing, and distribution

Done For Video marketing

Shoot all your videos each month in just a couple hours. We'll handle rest.

It’s Not Difficult, It’s Just “New”?
If you are picturing a set with bright lights and professional cameras, you are going to be quite surprised. All you need is a smartphone and a microphone. 

What Kind Of Videos Should You Make? 

That’s our expertise.  We’ll craft a video marketing strategy that you’re excited about, not us.  Then we’ll handle all the grunt work that goes with it so you can build a local celebrity attorney brand everyone knows.

What’s Included Each Month?

Each video gets the following:

  • Optimized on your YouTube channel with proper titles, thumbnails, tags, and descriptions.
  • Blog post written and placed on your website.
  • Each long form video is multi-purposed into 2-3 short form videos for your social media accounts.
  • We direct all your videos and help you script them too.
  • Each video is posted to your social media Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • 2-3 hours of time needed each month from you.

How It Works

Our process only requires a couple of hours of your time invested per month, that’s it! 

Training & Coaching

In the first 45 days we’ll send you the equipment, build out a video strategy, script, shoot, edit, and distribute your first 3 videos.

Ongoing Scripting & Shooting

Each and every month we’ll provide the topics, editing, and ongoing coaching(you’ll get better) to keep you consistent.

Distribute & Multi-Purpose

With each video, we’ll create 2-3 short form videos, optimize it on YouTube, write a blog on your website, and post to you social channels .

Some of our work

Check out some of the videos we created for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions...

We'll build a video strategy specific for your brand and persona. It's important that you are excited about the videos you create, our job is to take all the grunt work away.

Absolutely. In the initial 45 days you onboard with Rainmaker, you and your team will get personalized training and ongoing coaching as part of your services with us. You'll never run out of things to say, that's the easy part.

Once you go through the training and onboarding process you will be required to invest 2-3 hours a month into your video content.  We'll do everything else.

We'll optimize your videos to your YouTube channel, place on your website, write a blog post per video, and post of you on your social profiles.

We have a proprietary process we've developed over the last 5 years and have done thousands of videos for businesses across the country.  Follow the system, it works.

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