PPC for Lawyers

Does your law firm use PPC/Paid Media? When an online browser searches for a lawyer in your area, the first few results on the search results page are ads. Typically, the first four listings on a Google search result page are ads, which is an immediate way to attract the attention of searchers looking for legal help in your geographic area. Another significant benefit of Pay-per-Click (PPC) marketing is that you only pay when a user clicks on your ad.

So, what’s the downside? PPC for lawyers is complex and, to be successful, requires time and careful planning. If done correctly, PPC has the potential to yield high ROI.

Benefits of PPC for Lawyers

Digital marketing strategies such as SEO require substantial work on the front end and can take months to produce results. The most significant benefit of PPC advertising is it produces instant results. PPC is a particularly attractive tool for law firms with a new or recently re-designed website because it provides lead generation while you are working on your organic search results.

How Does Effective PPC for Lawyers Work?

For PPC to be successful, you must set up your campaign properly and optimize it routinely. Below are the limited factors you can control with PPC marketing:

  • Specific keywords to target
  • Your geographic area you want to reach
  • How much money you want to spend
  • The message of your ad and on your landing page

Fine tuning these factors is critical in a successful PPC for lawyers campaign. Once you launch your PPC ads, Google places your ads based on these factors and according to the search engine’s metrics.

Keywords in PPC for Lawyers Advertising

Selecting keywords that you want your ad to trigger is crucial in your marketing strategy. Think about what potential clients would enter in the search query to find your legal services. You may also want to think of unique searches that your competitors may not target that could lead prospects to your firm. Remember, you pay for every click on your ad, so it is essential to only use keywords that are relevant to your law firm and driving leads to you. PPC experts at the Rainmaker can provide guidance in what keywords would work best to achieve your advertising goals.

PPC Campaign Tips

An important tip for ensuring your PPC for lawyers’ campaign is successful is to confirm that your law firm’s website or landing pages load quickly. Slow loading times result in the user bouncing to a different site, which means you paid for a wasted click on your PPC ad. In addition to choosing the most relevant keywords, you should also narrow your audience by location. Finally, and most importantly, you must achieve a minimum of 80% optimization score for your ad to see success. This requires you to continuously monitor and upgrade your ads.

How Does Rainmaker Help with PPC for Lawyers Ads?

Not only are the PPC experts at Rainmaker experienced and skilled in identifying the relevant keywords to attract clients. We also understand the best bidding strategy to maximize your budget. We understand it is critical to make the most of your money. Additionally, our experts understand how to provide what Google is looking for to achieve quality scores. We create attention-grabbing ad headlines and top-quality landing page experiences to provide high click-through-rates. Finally, Rainmaker will monitor the performance of your ads and make any necessary changes to maximize your results.

There are many details involved in PPC for lawyers, so trust Rainmaker to handle them for you. We will provide detailed reports and metrics so you can easily understand how your ads are performing. You will know how your budget is being spent and the results achieved from the campaign.

Rainmaker Institute is Ready to Help with Your PPC for Lawyers Marketing

People hire attorneys they feel connected with and pay-per-click ads are a highly effective and quick way to direct potential clients to your law firm’s webpage. Once a user connects with your law firm, the likelihood of them retaining you increases significantly.

Our passion is to help you achieve a Lifestyle Law Firm® – one that is financially successful, personally satisfying, and gives you the freedom to enjoy your life and the time to do what is important to you.

To learn more about how we can take your legal marketing to the next level, contact us using our convenient online form or call us at 480.347.9800