Content Marketing for Lawyers

Growing Your Community with Content Marketing for Lawyers


Content marketing for lawyers grows contacts, which flourish into communities.

The rich environment of the web provides unparalleled opportunities to build your community and your business. The Rainmaker Institute’s content marketing program seamlessly integrates blogs, e-newsletters, and social media marketing, all custom built for you and your practice.

Delivering consistent, consumable content


People hire attorneys they feel a connection with. If a visitor doesn’t connect with your website, then chances are they aren’t going to call you.

By creating content that viewers find informative and relevant, easy to digest and in multiple formats (like audio or video as well as written), you are encouraging them to spend more time on your site. By filling each page with informative and easy-to-understand language, you are boosting your visibility online and converting browsers into believers.

The Rainmaker Institute’s team of legal marketing copywriters and video experts will ensure that you consistently post professional, consumable content, reducing your time commitment and stress and allowing you to focus on the practice of law.

Why is content marketing important for lawyers?

Content marketing is important for lawyers because it helps them to build trust and credibility with potential clients, establish their expertise and position themselves as thought leaders in their field. It also helps lawyers to drive website traffic and increase the visibility of their services, so they can reach more potential clients, generate leads, and ultimately grow their business. Content marketing can be used to inform potential clients about the legal services they offer, highlight their successes, and provide helpful advice and resources.