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Facebook and LinkedIn recently announced new tools that can help your law firm marketing stand out on these busy social media platforms. Let’s take a look:


Five years ago, Facebook gave search advertising a try on its platform but shuttered it in less than a year. Now, search ads on Facebook have returned and are rolling out to more advertisers after several months of testing.

Three years ago, Facebook reported that it was seeing two billion searches per day on its platform. We haven’t seen an updated number, but suffice it to say that people have been using Facebook for search for awhile.

The Facebook Search option is a new placement option for News Feed campaigns, meaning that you must place a News Feed ad before you are allowed to run an ad in search results on Facebook. Video ads are not an option for search ads; you can choose between a static image and a carousel ad.

And unlike Google ads, you cannot target specific keywords or phrases — you rely on Facebook’s algorithm to serve your ad up in search results to people who are searching for what you offer. The best way to show up for your targeted keywords on Facebook is to be sure those keywords appear on your law firm’s Facebook page.

As traditional News Feed ads on Facebook continue to grow more competitive, search ads could be a welcome addition to your law firm marketing toolset for social media. The jury is still out on how well Facebook search ads will perform since you won’t be targeting keywords as you do on Google or Bing. What remains to be seen is how good Facebook’s algorithm is at matching someone’s intent in search with an advertiser’s offerings. But it’s worth a little of your law firm marketing budget to try it out.


LinkedIn has added a customizable call-to-action button for company pages to help businesses drive more action from visitors. There are five new options for your CTA button:

  1. Contact Us
  2. Learn More
  3. Register
  4. Sign up
  5. Visit website

You will be able to see how your CTA button is performing from your Page Admin dashboard or in Visitor Analytics:

Recently, LinkedIn reported that it is experiencing record levels of engagement — up 24% for the most recent quarter. As a business-driven social media platform, LinkedIn continues to explore different ways that businesses can maximize reach and engagement. The site is actively encouraging companies to focus on their niche — which aligns nicely with the legal niche.