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How Accessible Should Your Law Firm be Over Christmas?

law firm

Will your law firm adjust its hours during the holidays? How about adjusting the workloads? Seasonal work adjustments are difficult to anticipate because demand for your services could drop off or they could drastically increase. Finding a good balance between serving your clients’ needs and the well-being of your legal team can be difficult. During […]

Webinar: 7 Mistakes Attorneys Are Making Right Now

Is your law firm making mistakes that are costing you two to three clients a week? Do you wish there was an easier way to grow your law practice? Would you like to spend less on marketing but see more clients sign with your firm monthly? Mistakes happening in the “business” of your law firm […]


digital marketing

The days of attorneys viewing marketing and advertising as only useful for “ambulance chasers” are outdated. The internet, social media, and mobile access have changed everything. As a result, digital marketing is no longer optional, regardless of how big or small your law firm is and regardless of your areas of practice. The good news […]

10 Benefits of Social Media For Your Law Firm

social media

Do you know what you should be posting on social media and how often? Do you wish you knew how to authentically connect with people who need your expertise? Are you ready to create a consistent online brand? You’re not alone. People spend an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes PER DAY on social […]

10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Lawyers

social media

If your law firm is ready to establish (or boost) its online presence, using social media marketing is crucial. In fact, leveraging social media platforms creates a significant opportunity for driving traffic to your website, informing potential clients of the services you offer, and educating browsers on what sets your attorneys apart from others. Below […]

4 Tips for Your Firm’s Lead Generation

lead generation

Many lawyers make the mistake of believing that if they create a flashy website, it will be enough for lead generation to attract potential clients browsing online. However, your law firm’s website is only one step in an effective marketing strategy. What is an Effective Lead Generation Process? Lead generation is one of the most […]

A Lawyer’s Guide to Being Found (FREE Webinar)


Studies show that most consumers use a search engine when looking for legal advice. Does your law firm appear at the top of Google rankings when you search for your practice areas in your location? Are you ready to learn how to make your firm visible online? If so, we have a free webinar for […]