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Our upcoming free webinar is designed to help all attorneys in any size of law firm. Consider the following questions:

Are you struggling with balancing the act of finding new clients and serving your current clients?

Are you charging less than you should be, but you worry about losing clients if you charge what you’re truly worth?

Are you frustrated because your competition is outspending you and you’re not sure how to compete?

Are you ready to learn how to add 20 more clients without spending more on marketing?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, The Rainmaker Institute’s upcoming webinar is for you!

During the webinar you will learn steps to grow your firm so you can hire more staff and associates, handle those cases that are the best use of your time, and allow you to delegate work so you can take more time off.

One example of a tip we teach our clients is to understand that you have a specific sales cycle in your law firm. If your staff does not document this cycle, and is not educated on where they fit into the cycle, it is too easy for potential clients to fall out of your sales funnel and be lost to the competition. Your law firm has several touch points with a potential client beginning with them understanding they have a legal problem until the final invoice for your services. We will teach you how to create a client journey that makes each lead feel special and important.

We will cover this topic and many others that will grow your law firm without overspending on marketing or doing everything yourself!

To register and attend the webinar on Thursday, October 6, 2022, 3pm Eastern / 12pm Pacific, CLICK HERE!