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Will your law firm adjust its hours during the holidays? How about adjusting the workloads? Seasonal work adjustments are difficult to anticipate because demand for your services could drop off or they could drastically increase.

Finding a good balance between serving your clients’ needs and the well-being of your legal team can be difficult. During the holidays it can be especially tough because you want to respect your team’s desire to be home with their families, but you also know that legal emergencies don’t halt because it is the holiday season.

To make the matter more complex, many law firms are understaffed after the COVID-19 pandemic. Many employees chose not to return to work or they have reduced their working hours. In fact, many law firms are experiencing difficulties recruiting experienced staff.

So, with all the above considerations in mind, should your law firm close (or at least cut back on working hours) during the holiday season?

If you are solely focused on your bottom line, you may be tempted to work throughout the holiday season. However, below are a few arguments for why you should strongly consider closing or cutting back on work during the holiday season:

BUT, what about being there for your clients?

Most attorneys have a difficult time tearing themselves away from their work. Law firms have a history of always being there no matter when their clients need them. This urge does not go away simply because it is the holiday season, especially if you practice in an area that requires quick action in your client’s cases.

Ultimately, you should remind yourself that you are the leader of your firm, and you should set a healthy example for your employees and co-workers. If you never allow yourself time to relax, how will you truly thrive? In our world of cell phones, email, and text messages, you are never completely unavailable. So, being away from the office to enjoy your family doesn’t mean that you are not available for your clients…it just means that you are balancing life and work the best you can!

This year, consider giving yourself (and your legal team) a break! Close for a few days or at least cut back on working hours. You might be surprised that since other attorneys and even most of your clients need a break from their cases, you aren’t missing out on much.

Even if a Christmas break doesn’t work for your law firm, find ways to show your appreciation for your hard-working co-workers. Small demonstrations of your respect and appreciation can go a long way.

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We wish you and yours very Happy Holidays and we look forward to working with you in 2023!

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