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Join Us for a Day Devoted to Digital Marketing!

For the first time EVER, The Rainmaker Institute has bumped our standard 2-Day Rainmaker Retreat advanced legal marketing boot camp in July and August from 2 days to 3 days at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

On Digital Sunday — Day 3 of the Rainmaker Retreat in Los Angeles (July 20-22) and Las Vegas (August 17-19) — digital marketing expert Michael Veinbergs, CEO of Local Marketing Geeks, will present advanced training focused on:


Paid Search, Retargeting and Geo-Fencing

Your Online Reputation

You’ll also get a free 360-degree online presence assessment. Our team will spend 2 days researching your business and your competitors. You’ll get a report at the event that shows you exactly how you stack up. what you’re doing well, where you’re falling short and, knowing what we know, what we’d do if it was our firm.

Once you have registered, you will get an email with instructions to complete the form for the assessment if you are interested. (We hope you’re interested…this is an invaluable insight to what potential clients think of your law firm! If you had this performed by another company, be prepared to pay about $1,000 for the assessment.)

We anticipate a full house in Los Angeles and Las Vegas; seating is limited so reserve your place now.