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Just when you got comfortable with your digital marketing strategies, it turns out that some of what used to work doesn’t anymore. It’s called CHANGE and the marketing world thrives on it. What worked to get prospects’ attention even earlier this year is no longer delivering the eyeballs you want on your website, blog or ebook. You need to switch things up for 2018.

The infographic below from Kuno Creative details 8 digital marketing trends that should be tossed aside next year in favor of other strategies that will deliver more qualified leads, increase awareness and boost revenue.

And what are those strategies that will deliver more marketing bang for your buck in 2018? You can learn all about them at a Rainmaker Retreat, our two-day intensive legal marketing workshop that will teach you:

If 2018 is the year you will (finally) get serious about marketing your law firm, you need to know what works — and what doesn’t — when it comes to using digital marketing to attract your ideal clients. Gaining that knowledge starts with attending a Rainmaker Retreat.

Here are the Rainmaker Retreat dates currently on the books:

By registering early, you can take advantage of our 30% Early Bird discount. Get your 2018 off to a fast start by learning the digital marketing strategies that will work for your firm.