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I love Facebook lead ads for consumer law firms. Why? First, over 95% of users access their Facebook pages on mobile. Let’s just say that’s everyone. Second, they’re cheap. Third, you can get really granular with your target audience. And fourth, these ads can be sync’d with your CRM system for fast follow-up when the leads come in. Beautiful!

So what are Facebook lead ads? I’m sure you have seen them on your Facebook timeline. They are image/video heavy (great for grabbing attention on social media) and highly user-friendly when someone clicks on the call-to-action button:

Here’s why you should use them:

Response form is customizable and optimized for mobile. Pre-populated forms make it quick and easy for prospects to respond on mobile. These forms are also customizable, which means you can request specific information to identify high quality leads easily.

You can reach only the people who matter. To create a high converting lead ad, you can create a custom audience by uploading a customer database of your leads and then create a “lookalike” audience or use Facebook’s ad targeting options to reach your target audience. Look at all these options for targeting!

More conversions. Lead ads are designed to be simple for people to respond to, which means more conversions for your ads.

CRM integration. Sync your lead ads to your CRM for fast follow-up.

Tips for Creating a Facebook Lead Ad

Provide people with a reason to respond to your ad.

People understand the quid pro quo of social media advertising — you give them something in return for their contact information. When people are looking for a lawyer, what they want is information about a legal problem. Targeted content that addresses the issues your potential client faces is a great way to increase reach and expand your mailing list. Video lead ads are great for consumer law firms with an offer for a free consultation.

Gather information carefully.

It’s important not to request too much information from responders to your lead ad. When you create your ad, you will be given a lot of options of which information to gather from a lead. Try to keep it to just their name and email address.

Customize questions.

You also have the option to add a customized question or two, but if you do, make sure it counts. Facebook gives you lots of default options, but keep the questions relevant to the goal of your ad.

Say thank you.

Create a customized thank you page that people see after they submit their lead form and include another call-to-action. For example, if your ad offers a free report, tell responders that while they are waiting for the report to show up in their inbox, they can watch a video on your website on the same subject.

If you have a consumer law firm and haven’t tried them yet, I encourage you to try Facebook lead ads. This handy guide from Wordstream will have you generating good quality leads on Facebook in no time.