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If you are already investing in SEO to drive traffic to your law firm website, you know that it’s highly competitive in the legal category. Lots of attorneys spending thousands of dollars every month to compete for the same keywords are driving down the odds of your site ranking well for certain keywords.

This is not to say you should give up on your SEO efforts — you’d be foolish to do that — but maybe you should give these alternative tactics a better look if your goal is to drive traffic (and whose isn’t?):

Guest blogging to drive traffic to your law firm website.

A few years ago, Google discouraged guest blogging because too many guest posts were spammy. However, there are some very good reasons to pen a guest blog — exposure, branding, increased reach — if you do it with a strategic referral partner, which are businesses or websites that share your same target audience.

Social media advertising to drive traffic to your law firm website. 

For B2C law firms, Facebook ads are one of the cheapest ways to advertise online and provide a great ROI if you execute them well. Organic posts from businesses are being driven further down or eliminated entirely from your target audiences’ news feeds, so to use social media effectively to build your brand and drive traffic to your landing pages or websites, you really need to pay to play.

Email marketing to drive traffic to your law firm website.

Even though email marketing has evolved way beyond simple blast emails — today it’s all about segmentation and personalization — it still remains the most effective way to get eyes on your website. Repurposing popular evergreen blog posts (check your analytics) into blurbs in a monthly e-newsletter and then sending recipients to your site to read the rest of the post is a surefire way to boost traffic.

Video to drive traffic to your law firm website.

Video is a great medium for law firms to showcase their legal talent to a broad base and provide useful content that people will want to share. Post your law firm videos on your website and YouTube channel and link to them from all your social media pages. If you’re active on Facebook, you may want to consider hosting a Facebook Live session where people can directly engage with you online, asking questions relevant to your practice and their problems.

Retargeting ads to drive traffic to your law firm website.

Retargeting lets you deliver ad content to people who have visited your website or blog. Only a very small percentage of people who visit your law firm website for the first time will respond to your call-to-action. This is because most people are just browsing. To ensure they will visit you again when they are closer to making a buying decision, use retargeting ads. It’s cost-effective and an effective way to increase your traffic and conversion rates.