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As a marketer who works with law firms, one of the most common problems I see is the frustration that law firms face when they have to take every case that walks through the door. Despite having no time, they still need to sign up more clients. The biggest problem is the way they set up their intake process. In this post, I will discuss ten common mistakes law firms make when setting appointments in their intake process.

Failing to Automate the Intake Process

It is crucial to automate your intake process, especially if you receive more than 20 leads a month. Automation will save you the time and effort required to sift through leads manually. Consider using an intake management software to help you manage and organize your information.

Lack of Customer Journey Mapping

Mapping out your customer journey is crucial to help you understand the lead’s experience. You have to remember that each piece of information goes through an experience from their first phone call to follow-up consultations and beyond. Ensure that you have a clear understanding of the journey and document it to ensure seamless navigation.

Using Attorneys or Paralegal in Charge of Intake

Most law firms need to put an attorney or paralegal in charge of the intake process. The problem with this approach is that they need to be trained to handle the intake process effectively. You need dedicated intake personnel who are trained, experienced, and understand the important details required in the intake process.

Lack of Dedicated Intake Personnel

Having a dedicated intake person can help streamline your intake process and ensure that all leads are handled promptly. The right intake personnel can ensure that leads are nurtured and followed up effectively, with a higher chance of converting them into paying clients.

Failure to Answer Live Calls

One of the most common mistakes law firms make is not answering live calls during business hours. It’s essential to answer calls live, as most people will not leave a voicemail. One way to handle live calls is to use a virtual receptionist, who can answer live calls and ensure that any missed calls are followed up promptly.

Ignoring Text Messages

Law firms often ignore text messages as a means of communication with their leads. Text messages can be an effective way to nurture and follow-up with leads, but you need to be very careful. Ensure that you have the lead’s permission to text message, and avoid sending too many text messages, as this can be overwhelming for the lead.

Failure to Send Email Nurture Campaigns

Attorneys typically overlook sending out email nurtures over time. Email nurtures should be spaced out, and not all should be sent at once or one day apart. Ensure that you send out lots of emails over an extended period, as it increases the chances of converting leads to clients.

Failure to Call Back Hang-Ups

When a lead hangs up, it’s essential to call back and follow up on why they disconnected. Please do so to avoid missing out on a potential client. It is also essential to follow up after hours and on weekends to ensure that no leads fall through the cracks.

Your intake process is instrumental in ensuring that your law firm signs enough clients and that you make the most of your marketing campaign’s efforts. Ensure you avoid the ten common mistakes listed in this blog post and work with qualified and dedicated intake personnel. By doing so, you will see an increase in the number of clients signing up and experience better success with your marketing campaigns.

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