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What happens to your leads that become prospects but haven’t become clients yet? Are they left languishing in a database somewhere, never to be contacted again? Do you have a strategy to reach out to website visitors on other platforms? What about people who are on your email list but you’ve never converted them to clients?

These are all leads just waiting to be converted because at one time they expressed an interest in your law firm. And LinkedIn has a great tool to reach them: Matched Audiences, which is available for all LinkedIn advertising options, including Sponsored InMail, Sponsored Content, and Text Ads.

With Matched Audiences, you have three targeting options:

Website retargeting lets you deliver ad content to people who have visited your website or blog. You can focus your targeted messaging based on certain pages of your site — for example, for visitors to an employment law page, you can set up a campaign using Matched Audiences to deliver content on avoiding employee lawsuits to those page visitors.

Account targeting allows you to expand your reach into companies you have already targeted for business development efforts. LinkedIn will take your list of target companies and match against LinkedIn users at those companies. If you want to target an industry segment — tech, pharma, aviation, etc. — you can do that using this feature as well. LinkedIn will match your segment against its 8 million company pages.

Contact targeting lets you upload your email lists and market to your contacts through LinkedIn. You can use this feature to:

You can find step-by-step instructions on how to use Matched Audiences on this LinkedIn page.