Lead conversion is one of the most elusive aspects of law firm marketing. In fact, most law firms only convert 5-15% of their leads, costing them thousands of dollars in lost revenue. That’s why we offer a Lead Conversion System designed to help you manage leads and improve your lead conversion rate, as well as your bottom line.


Understanding the 5 Stages of Lead Conversion

Lead generation is the second most expensive thing a law firm will spend on other than payroll and office space and it’s getting more expensive. We have established a working process for lead conversion that is being used successfully by thousands of attorneys across the country.

It begins with understanding the five stages of lead conversion:

You need to be able to track how many leads are coming in — via phone, via your website — all areas.

Law firms need to track how many leads turn into appointments — how many come in via phone, via the website, etc. The biggest mistake and time waster is to try to convert someone over the phone — get them into the office and you’ll have a higher chance of converting them into a paying client.

Track this information — it’s important. You may set numerous appointments, but knowing how many SHOW UP is vital.

Just because they left your office, doesn’t mean you cannot close them as a client later.

The Right Leads

The Rainmaker Institute will help you analyze the efficiency of your current lead sources and make difficult decisions about how to maximize your marketing budget. We will also help you analyze and improve your firm’s effectiveness at converting your leads into clients. Even small increases in your conversion rate can make a significant difference in your revenue.

Consistent Connections

Just as a legal docketing system ensures that no deadline is missed, our Lead Conversion System ensures that no potential client falls through the cracks. We help you fix your follow-up using a variety of methods, such as regular emails created specifically for your law firm, as well as reminders to perform defined tasks, such as appropriate follow-up tailored to each clients’ needs.

This consistent contact puts your law firm’s name and expertise in front of your leads time and time again.

Continuity of Communications

Law firm marketing automation also provides your firm with continuity during employee turnover. No longer will the success of your marketing program depend on the knowledge and efforts of a single individual, as our Lead Conversion System will support your firm in times of transition.

At The Rainmaker Institute, we understand that clients are the heart of your practice. Our Lead Conversion System dovetails with our content management services, allowing us to help your firm increase its conversion rate using customized blogging, e-newsletters, and social media marketing.


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