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Every law firm spends thousands of dollars to generate leads and attract potential clients. However, frustration sets in when these prospects fail to convert into a consultation. This could indicate that your intake process is broken and needs to be fixed. In this blog post, we will share some insights on how to build the perfect intake process that will help you convert at least 75% of your good prospects into consultations.

The first step to building an effective intake process is to understand your prospect’s expectations when they contact your firm. Most clients are calling law firms because they need a solution and are willing to invest money to get the best result possible. Therefore, your intake team must proactively, genuinely, and confidently share your firm’s expertise to build rapport with the client. This will help them see that your firm is the best choice to work with, and they are unlikely to look for alternatives.

The second step to building an effective intake process is to train your intake team to answer the question, “Why should I hire you?” This is the most critical question that your prospect is asking, and your intake team should be able to communicate your unique selling proposition (USP) effectively. Your USP should be different from other law firms and aligned with the needs of your clients. This will help your intake team communicate your brand effectively and improve your conversion rates.

The third step to building an effective intake process is to measure your team’s performance regularly. Your intake team’s goal is to convert good leads into consultations, and you need to track their performance to see how effectively they are doing this job. This will help you identify areas of improvement, implement changes, and measure the results. You can use metrics like conversion rate, average handle time, and net promoter score to track your team’s performance.

Investing in technology is the fourth step to building an effective intake process. The legal industry is becoming increasingly competitive, and technology can help you differentiate your firm from the competitors. For example, you can use a client portal to streamline client communication, automate appointment scheduling, and offer online billing. This will improve your client’s experience and make working with your law firm easier.

The fifth step to building an effective intake process is to prioritize your client’s needs. Your intake team should be trained to listen to the client’s concerns carefully, understand their needs, and provide them with solutions. They should be empathetic and give clients the necessary reassurance to build trust. Prioritizing your clients’ needs will improve the clients’ experience and help you create a loyal base.

Building the perfect intake process for your law firm requires effective team management, training, measurement, technology, and client prioritization. Once you have implemented these steps, you will see a significant improvement in your conversion rates and client satisfaction levels. Remember, your intake team is the first point of contact between your law firm and the clients, and investing in an effective intake process is essential for the growth of your law firm.

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