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Email Marketing: 10 Tips to Ensure You Connect with Clients

Email marketing provides law firms with the most expedient and cost effective way to interact directly with prospects and clients. But only if you do it right. Here are 10 tips that will ensure you connect with current and prospective clients via email marketing: Only send to those who want to receive your emails. Every […]

Use Email Marketing to Improve SEO

You probably already know that the top way to drive traffic to your website is through organic search. But did you know that a very close second is through email? Source: Conductor.com Obviously email doesn’t have a direct connection to Google or other search engines, but there are ways for you to encourage others to […]

14 Email Optimization Hacks to Make Your Open Rates Soar

The average email open rate for the legal industry is just over 21%. If your email campaigns are performing below this benchmark, you have some work to do to boost those open rates. The infographic below from 99firms.com — supported by case studies — provides 14 email optimization hacks that can help you raise your […]

Law Firm Email Marketing: It’s Time to Own Your Communications Platform

The importance of having complete control over the platform you use to communicate with current and prospective clients has never been more apparent following the Facebook data debacle. The platform that is easiest for law firms to control is email marketing, which means that building a strong email list should be one of your top […]

How Lawyers Can Win at Email Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

5 Email Marketing Tips That Will Double Your Open Rates

If you’re not getting the number or type of responses you want from your email marketing, then it’s time to do something about it.  Email remains the most effective and cost-effective ways for law firms to have ongoing conversations with prospects.  It’s targeted, allowing you to tailor your messaging according to your particular market’s wants […]