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If you’re not getting the number or type of responses you want from your email marketing, then it’s time to do something about it.  Email remains the most effective and cost-effective ways for law firms to have ongoing conversations with prospects.  It’s targeted, allowing you to tailor your messaging according to your particular market’s wants and needs.  In fact, it’s darn near perfect — except when you’re doing it wrong.

The infographic below from email software provider Boomerang, developed using data from 40 million user emails, lists seven important tips for creating emails that elicit responses. To maximize your response rate, it is recommended that you:

Basically, the advice is this:  keep it simple.  Admittedly, this is difficult for a lot of lawyers to do.  It’s not the typical kind of writing you’re used to doing.  But it is what resonates with prospects, so either get the expertise in-house or outsource it.  No reason to waste time and money on an email marketing program that doesn’t work (and I’m talking about big money here – what you spend on getting qualified leads that are then wasted by ineffective communication).