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SEO is complicated. First, because Google’s algorithm is ever-changing (as in every day ever-changing), so it is virtually impossible to practice law and stay on top of everything your online properties need to get or keep you on the first page of Google’s search results. So hopefully you have some help — either inside or outside, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re certain they know what they are doing and they are delivering results.

But you still need to have some rudimentary knowledge of SEO so you’ll be able to decipher the reports you should be getting from your digital marketing team. The infographic below from Milkwhale will help.

What else will help? Coming to a Rainmaker Retreat. And I suggest you grab a seat at our July or August session, where we have thrown in an extra day for free that is entirely dedicated to digital marketing. Here’s what’s on the agenda:


Paid Search, Retargeting and Geo-Fencing

Your Online Reputation

Register online for either the Los Angeles (July 20-22) or Las Vegas (August 17-19) Rainmaker Retreat and you’ll get a pre-event bonusa free online presence assessment by Michael Veinbergs, CEO of Local Marketing Geeks, who is our featured speaker on Digital Sunday.

Upon registration, we’ll send you a brief questionnaire via email to complete. Our team will spend two days researching your law firm and your competitors. You will receive a report on Digital Sunday that reveals exactly how your firm stacks up, what you’re doing well, where you’re falling short, and tailored recommendations for improvement.

We anticipate a full house; seating is limited so reserve your place now.