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A few days ago, Google rolled out what it is calling “responsive display ads” that will become the default ad choice for the Google Display Network.

While the new ad format is attention-getting, what’s really exciting about it is that Google is actually going to help you find the ad images, headlines and descriptions that appeal most to your target market.

Here’s how it works: you upload up to 15 different images, 5 headlines, 5 descriptions, and 5 logos and then Google uses machine learning to test a variety of different combinations to see which ones perform best for your law firm! You’ll be able to track it all on your asset report, taking the guesswork out of ALL your online advertising — because who says you can’t transfer this knowledge to your online advertising efforts on social media?

Here is what these combinations may look like:

Google automatically adjusts the size and format for each ad to fit the space on Google Display Network’s sites and apps.

The company says that its research shows using multiple ad formats with different images and calls-to-action results in an average 10% more conversions at a similar Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) than a single ad. The company said that it would be rolling out its new RDA format over the next few months to advertisers worldwide.

Adding Local Reviews to Your Law Firm Website

Google webmaster trends analyst John Mueller is on the record saying that it is OK for a company to post reviews that customers have left on Yelp, Google or other websites on their company site. He says Google will not penalize you for duplicate content; instead, he says it probably won’t matter either way — meaning you won’t get hit but you won’t benefit either SEO-wise.

The only caveat: you cannot mark up those reviews with schema on your own site.

Mueller suggests using an iframe or embed to add third-party site reviews to your website. So go ahead and promote those great reviews of your firm from other websites — while it may not do anything for your SEO, it will certain benefit you from visitors to your site reading those glowing reports!