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Legal consultations can be frustrating when a prospect cancels or doesn’t show up. While it’s common for people to have last-minute emergencies or be hesitant to meet a lawyer, there are ways to improve the percentage of people who attend in-person or video consultations. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing some tried and tested tips and strategies that you can implement immediately so that you can increase your show rate and ultimately improve your law firm’s growth.

Get a Verbal Commitment

One of the most effective ways to increase your show rate is to get a verbal commitment from the prospect at the end of the phone call. Your intake team might feel a little uncomfortable, but it could make all the difference. Ask the prospect if they would like to schedule a consultation and follow up with a confirmation email. By getting a verbal commitment, you increase the likelihood that the prospect will show up for the consultation.

Set the Date for the Legal Consultation as Soon as Possible

Another critical strategy to improve your show rate is to set the date for the legal consultation as soon as possible after the phone call. Be sure to schedule the consultation so that the prospect can stay interested and book with another firm. By setting the date early, you’re showing the prospect that you’re serious about helping them and that you value their time.

Share a Few Details About the Person They’re Going to Meet With

When scheduling the legal consultation, provide the prospect with some details about the attorney they’ll meet with. This will help the prospect feel more comfortable and know what to expect during the consultation. You could mention the attorney’s experience, education, and any notable achievements.

Make Sure That You Send an Email Immediately With the Details

After you’ve scheduled the consultation, send the prospect a confirmation email. Include details about the attorney they’ll meet with, the date and time of the legal consultation, and any other instructions they might need to know. Make sure that the email is professional and visually appealing to make a great first impression.

Send a Text Confirmation as Well

Finally, send a text confirmation a day before the scheduled consultation. This will remind the prospect about the appointment and show that you’re organized and proactive. A simple message saying, “Hi, this is [name] from [law firm name]. Just a friendly reminder that you have a legal consultation with [attorney name] tomorrow at [time and date]. We look forward to seeing you then!” could do wonders and help increase your show rate.

Getting prospects to attend their scheduled legal consultations is an ongoing process that requires attention and effort. However, by implementing the above strategies, you can improve your show rate and ultimately grow your law firm. Remember to get a verbal commitment, set the date as soon as possible, share details about the attorney, send a confirmation email, and send a text confirmation. These simple tips and strategies can help you stand out from the competition and build trust with your prospects.

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