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Thanks, fake news. You killed organic reach on Facebook for legitimate businesses. Facebook made it official recently when they announced that they are changing the platform’s algorithm to prioritize feeds from family and friends over posts from businesses, brands and media.

So does that scuttle your social media marketing program? No, you just have to be more strategic about it. Here are some ways to get around the death of organic reach on FB:

Facebook Groups — Facebook said that it will prioritize posts that generate lots of meaningful discussion. When a topic in a group catches fire, they’ll even notify all the other group members about the thread, which means your post will get more visibility.

To find existing groups relevant to your practice based on your own Likes, location, and groups your friends belong to: (1) log in to your page, (2) click on “Groups” under “Explore” in the left column; then (3) click on the “Discover” tab at the top of the page.

To search for relevant groups: (1) log in to your page, (2) search for your practice area or other relevant keyword in the search box at the top left, (3) click on “Groups” again to see a list of groups that match your search term.

Facebook Ads — More businesses will be flocking to Facebook advertising now that organic reach is minimal. So, again, be super strategic about it. Focus on:

Facebook Messenger — bypass the News Feed altogether and market directly to clients and prospects on Messenger. Similar to email marketing, people must opt in to receive your updates.

Instagram — Business pages are still relatively rare on Instagram, so if you practice consumer-focused law, give this platform a try. Remember that the key to success on Instagram is compelling visuals coupled with just a short message or link.

LinkedIn — As Facebook pulls back on business publishing, LinkedIn fills the void with more tools than ever — LinkedIn Publisher, Conversation Starters, Notifications, InMail and LinkedIn ads — to connect with consumers and referral sources.