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The Case for Organic Marketing in Your Law Firm

organic marketing

Suppose you’re a legal professional keen on expanding your client base and enhancing your firm’s reputation. In that case, there’s an indispensable tool at your disposal that you just need to pay attention to organic marketing. While it may sound less concrete than the billboards you see on your way to work or the sponsored […]

Why Your Organic Marketing is Not Working and How to Fix It

organic marketing

Organic marketing is essential for any law firm looking to grow its local audience. However, many law firms need help generating clients through organic marketing efforts. They focus too heavily on bottom-of-the-funnel messaging, a significant problem that can kill lead generation. To achieve consistent success in organic marketing, you must shift your focus to top-of-the-funnel […]

The Ultimate Guide to Law Firm Social Media Marketing

law firm social media

Law firm social media marketing has become a necessity. If you’re a law firm owner, you know marketing is crucial to success. But with so many social media platforms, how do you know which ones to use and what to post? The key is to create a social media strategy that showcases your firm’s expertise […]

What Video Marketing Should Your Law Firm Be Using

video marketing

In today’s world, we are all looking for ways to stand out and attract more clients to our businesses. As an attorney, it can often be challenging to create content that is both engaging and informative. Many law firms tend to lean towards creating dry, boring videos that no one wants to watch. If you’re […]

Video Marketing Your Law Firm in 2023 | 4 Ways You Should Be Using Video Marketing

video marketing your law firm

Are you video marketing your law firm? With the ever-evolving world of technology, marketing strategies have taken new forms and shapes. From billboards to print media and TV ads, marketing techniques have come a long way.  However, the legal industry has been lagging behind when it comes to implementing these new marketing strategies.  Traditional law […]

Video Marketing for Attorneys: Overcoming the Top Excuses!

video marketing

Many lawyers hesitate to adopt video marketing into their legal marketing plan, citing various excuses. In the video below, Philip Fairley shares valuable tips on conquering the three top excuses we hear from attorneys. Excuse #1: “I don’t like how I look on camera!” No one likes to see themselves on camera, including most attorneys.  […]

6 Ways Attorneys Build Authority and Connect with Clients Through Blogs


Blogs are an important part of legal marketing. Maintaining a strong online presence in the digital age is crucial for professionals in every field, and attorneys are no exception. With the advent of technology, the legal landscape has evolved, and attorneys must adapt to new methods of communication and information sharing. One powerful tool that […]

Comedian Sarah Silverman Files Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Meta and OpenAI


Copyright law grants exclusive rights to authors and creators over their original works, such as books, music, and visual art. These protections are intended to safeguard their intellectual property and provide a legal framework for their control and monetization. However, the emergence of AI technology has blurred the lines between traditional content usage and automated […]

Leveraging the Power of Video Marketing for Law Firms

video marketing

In today’s digital era, where attention spans are dwindling, video marketing has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses across industries. Law firms, in particular, can greatly benefit from incorporating video into their marketing strategies. Videos can engage, educate, and build trust with potential clients, ultimately helping law firms stand out in a crowded marketplace. […]