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Content marketing for your law firm website should serve three clear goals:

  1. Drive traffic to your site
  2. Convert traffic into leads
  3. Nurture leads into becoming clients

To meet these goals, you create high-quality content that visitors looking for legal help in the area you practice will find extremely useful. You then post it on your blog and your social media pages to attract people to your site.

Now, you do not yet know those visitors. You don’t know where they are in the buying process — just getting started? Refining their selection? Ready to buy? Each stage of the buyer’s journey needs content that speaks to where they are in the process. Not everyone is ready to take you up on the free consultation offer. They need to be wooed a bit and that is where lead magnets come into play.

Here are 5 types of content you need on your website to improve your conversion rate by speaking to visitors no matter what stage of the buying process they are in:


Checklists are great for prospects who are in the research stage, giving them an actionable list of things to consider. You can create checklists from longer articles you’ve written, condensing your main points down into a visual format that is easy to digest and understand. 


Guides (or eBooks) are multiple-page downloadable PDFs that provide tons of information on a particular legal topic to help prospects make the best possible buying decision. Prospects provide you with their email address in return for their free download. You now have a new lead to nurture.

Gated Long-Form Content

If you have developed a really lengthy article or post on everything someone needs to know about a particular legal topic, you can turn it into a gated lead magnet. When a visitor lands on the article, you provide the first 1,000 words for free. To access the rest of the article, the prospect will need to answer a few questions that help you qualify them as to where they are in the buying process.

Turnstile Video Content

You have no doubt started watching a video online and then had it pause for a quick ad. Turnstile videos are similar, except you ask the visitor to provide their name and email address at the beginning to watch the video or in the middle to continue watching the video.

Setting up a turnstile at the beginning of your video can get tricky because if you’re not careful about explaining the benefits of the video upfront before asking for their info, you won’t get many converts.

If you opt to use the turnstile mid-video, give them the option to skip the sign-up and provide a strong call-to-action at the end of the video.

Live Chat

Most people love instant gratification, so having the ability to answer questions live on your site can really boost your conversion rate. Law firms that utilize a live chat function on their website typically see an increase of up to 30 more leads per month than before they implemented this feature. These leads are usually considered “hot” leads, meaning someone needs an attorney immediately. Having one of these on your website when your competitors don’t can make you an easier choice.