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I’m going to state something that may raise a few eyebrows and it’s this: your law firm’s website is the most important real estate you own. You could own the biggest home in an upscale neighborhood or a beach home at the ocean, but when it comes to growing your business, your website is your prime piece of real estate.

Because while people still let their fingers do the walking, it’s on their keyboards, tablets and smartphones these days. Add to that paradigm shift the disruption that is online legal services sites like LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer and you have a fundamental change in the way you do business.

Keeping your website updated is critical to bringing in new business and building your brand. This can be overwhelming to many attorneys, especially those in small and mid-size firms. Not only does your site design need to be crisp and modern to appeal to consumers, it also needs to have the technical functionality that will ensure it ranks well for search terms your prospects are using to look for a lawyer and compels visitors to contact you.

These five factors are essential for a great law firm website today:

The 5 Keys to a Great Law Firm Website [INFOGRAPHIC]

How to Leverage Your Firm’s Website to Win Clients

While most law firms already have a website, the majority of them don’t produce new cases on a regular basis. Why? Because they are doing it all wrong! My webinar on How to Leverage Your Firm’s Website to Win Clients will teach you how to do it right.

Attendees will discover:

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