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Who is following your Facebook page? What content do they like? What day and time are most of them viewing your page? What device do they use to see your page? What actions are they taking on your page? How does your page stack up against your competitors?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then you are not taking advantage of Facebook’s detailed (and free!) analytics tool, Facebook Insights. The infographic below from Business Backer details the kind of information that is readily available to you to gauge the performance of your Facebook page, including:

Reach: How many people have seen your posts, when your firm’s page has been recommended in posts or comments, the types of engagement people have with your page, and how many people have asked Facebook to hide your posts or have “unliked” your posts.

Likes: Learn where your likes are coming from, and how many you have lost or gained over a specific time period.

Page Views: Shows where people came to your page from, who is really consuming your content (age, gender, country, city, device used), which parts of your page are the most popular, and more.

Actions on Page: Tells you all the actions people have taken on your page (click, call, get directions, etc.) and the demographics of the people who took an action.

Posts: Learn when your followers are online (day of week and hours of day), the types of posts they respond most to (link, video, image, status), what people are responding to on your competitors’ pages, and a synopsis of all your recent published posts and how they performed.

People: Demographic information on all the people who have liked or are following your page, with graphs showing everyone your content has reached.

No one likes to waste money on law firm marketing, and the best way to avoid that is to dig deep into your analytics to discover who is on your page and what makes them respond positively to a post. Once you discover your secret of success on Facebook via analytics, you can keep repeating that success and really grow your following!