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Does your law firm have a follow-up strategy? In the competitive world of law firms, getting leads is one thing, but converting them into clients is a whole different ball game. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the success story of a California criminal law firm that experienced a significant revenue boost simply by revamping their follow-up strategy. Join me, Cindy, as I guide you through the steps that turned their intake process around and generated over $10,000 in additional revenue within 30 days.

The Common Follow-Up Dilemma

Many law firms face a common problem – a reluctance to follow-up with prospects more than once or twice. Fear of being perceived as pushy or annoying often hinders effective communication with potential clients. However, failing to follow up adequately can result in missed opportunities and lost revenue.

Understanding the Emotional State of Prospects

When individuals contact a law firm, they are often in a heightened emotional state. They may be scared, frustrated, or intimidated by the legal process. As a firm, you are responsible for guiding them through this process and providing the necessary information to address their legal concerns.

The California Criminal Law Firm Case Study

The California criminal law firm in question struggled to convert leads into appointments and clients due to their minimal follow-up attempts. Recognizing this issue, we implemented a 30-day challenge for the intake team to commit to making five to seven phone follow-up calls, complemented by automated email and text messages.

The 30-Day Challenge

During the challenge, the intake team diligently followed up with prospects every few days, leaving messages and documenting every attempt. Transparency was keynotes on voicemails, responses, and interactions were shared among team members. Automation took care of email and text follow-ups, ensuring continuous communication.

The Results

After 30 days, the results were nothing short of remarkable. The team discovered the sweet spots for prospect engagement were on the fifth and sixth follow-up calls. Surprisingly, prospects expressed gratitude for their persistence, stating that the firm was the only one that had reached out to them.

Positive Outcomes

In the first week alone, the team converted three prospects who initially declined consultations into actual consultations. Additionally, one prospect who attended a consultation but initially said no became a signed client. By the fourth week, a total of 10 prospects were converted into consultations and four of those converted into signed clients.

Financial Impact

Considering the firm’s average case value of $4,500, the four additional clients generated a minimum of $18,000 in revenue during the 30-day period. This success highlights the potential financial impact of a well-executed follow-up strategy.

If your law firm struggles to convert quality leads into signed clients, it’s time to reevaluate your intake process. A robust follow-up strategy can make all the difference. Don’t let potential clients slip through the cracks – invest in your follow-up process and watch your firm’s revenue soar. Contact Rainmaker for personalized guidance and tools, and explore our wealth of resources to help you build a thriving law firm.