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5 Steps to Beat Your Competitors in Google Search

Even if you are consistently outranking your competitors for your main keywords on Google, if you don’t understand why you are performing better than they are, you likely won’t outrank them for long. There are five steps you need to take to develop a strategy that will consistently provide you with better search results over […]

How to Beat Your Competitors at Local SEO

This post originally appeared in March 2019.  We’ve updated some of the content and encourage you to read our recently published Lawyer’s Guide to SEO. Competition for the all-important first page on Google is fierce and your strategy for local SEO has to be equally aggressive if you want to outrank your competitors in local […]

6 Ways You Can Improve Your Local SEO Right Now

No matter how far you think your sphere of influence may reach, the fact is that if you have a consumer-based law practice, you have a local business. Your firm draws clients from a very specific geographical area, based on where you office. And one of the keys to getting new clients is to be […]

Study: Law Firms Need 90 Citations to Rank in Top 3 in Google Local

Unless you have a micro-niche practice, your law firm likely draws its clients from a relatively small geographic region. In other words, your clients are locals. Which means you want — you need — to rank high in Google Local search. A new study from BrightLocal examined how many citations (online references to your NAP […]

FREE Webinar 9/19: How to Get Your Firm Ranked on Local Maps Listings

No matter what size your law firm is, if you are doing business somewhere you are a local business owner. And since most if not all your clients come from your geographic area, your ability to rank high in local maps search is critical to keeping your firm in front of prospects. No doubt you […]