Social Media Marketing for Law Firms



Social media marketing for law firms has become a necessity. However, with the proliferation of new social media networks and seemingly constant changes to existing ones, most attorneys are confused about how to tackle social media for marketing their firms.


Add to that the fact that most attorneys don’t have much time to devote to social media — nor do they have a department of experts at their beck and call — and you understand the need for having social media expertise you can trust to work with you in developing and implementing a successful social media strategy for your firm.

Social media is a key tool used to select attorneys


When it comes to hiring an attorney, 75% of people use online tools like the following to aid in selection:

  • Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  • Firm websites
  • Online legal and business directories (LinkedIn, Avvo)
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Why? People value instant information, and they buy from those they know and trust.  Online communities allow prospects to learn about you immediately and to evaluate your legal credibility and client satisfaction rate.

Social media marketing for law firms is a multi-purpose tool


Social media marketing for law firms is a cost-effective tool with many benefits, all of which help establish your online presence and credibility:

  • Brand building
  • Increasing web traffic and profile views
  • Cultivating community and relationships
  • Establishing expert status

We’ll handle it all, from strategy to design, content and maintenance


Our team of social media experts will design a social media campaign that attracts your target clients and reflects your personality. Rather than hiring and managing a team to build and maintain your social media pages, you can take advantage of our experts at a fraction of the cost:

  • Social media specialists
  • Senior legal copywriters, most with law degrees
  • Expert project managers

Your new social media sites require fresh, rich content to rank high on search engines like Google. Businesses that blog regularly, for instance, are rewarded with 77% more traffic on their websites.

The Rainmaker Institute will populate your social media sites with content-rich blogs about topics you select and approve. You can rest comfortably knowing your content is targeted to attract the leads you want. And the best part, we do all the work so you can do what you do best…lawyering.

It is our goal to help you build your firm into a Lifestyle Law Firm®, which is one that continues to thrive financially while giving you the freedom to enjoy your life and the time to do what is important to you.

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