Rainaltyics® Data Intelligence for Law Firms

With Rainalytics®, never again make decisions about your law firm’s performance based on gut feeling!

There are three things happening in your law firm right now:

  1.  What you think is happening.
  2. What your staff tells you is happening.
  3. What is really happening.

You can’t know whether something is working or not unless you take the time to measure and analyze the results.

Without a system to track all leads, where they heard about your firm, their status, who handled them etc., it’s impossible to make decisions with real data. The Rainmaker’s Turbine® lead conversion system provides the technology and automation for your law firm team, while Rainalytics® provides you with your numbers.

Decisions Rainalytics® Can Help You Make

Not only will Rainalytics® provide you with the information you need to clearly understand how your firm is handling intake and leads, the system assists you in making decisions such as:

  • Should we open a new office/close an office?
  • Is that attorney converting leads well?
  • Is our intake team converting leads to clients?
  • Which intake specialist is scheduling the most appointments?
  • Are the firm’s lead sources converting?
  • What is the cost per client?
  • Where should our firm focus its marketing budget?

Rainalytics® Easy to Use Visualization

The data in Rainalytics® is a visual representation of the data your team has entered into The Rainmaker Turbine Lead Conversion System®. It takes all the information and presents it in a way that is simple to understand. There are several different ways to locate the same pieces of information, so you can easily access the data you need.

With Rainalytics® you can evaluate how much you’re paying per lead, per client, and more easily see which lead sources are generating the most revenue for your firm.