How to Promote



How to Promote Your Law Practice and Generate Thousands of Dollars in Print, Broadcast and Online Publicity

  • How attorneys can position themselves as expert sources with the media even though you are not allowed to market yourself as an expert
  • Where to find a valuable documents for free that will explain the 10 levels of expertise and how to achieve each level
  • Where to begin a publicity campaign so you do the important legwork that will pay off months later
  • How to create a Top 25 Media Hit List of your key media contacts who are in the best position to help you
  • The Number One thing journalists will expect you to do before they agree to cover you
  • How to get fabulous exposure online and attract the attention of potential clients, even if no journalists cover your story
  • Why you should be writing articles, the kinds of articles to write, and what to do with them after they’re written