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With all the lead generation tools available today, law firms should not have a big problem getting leads. The problem that I’ve found is that law firms are not doing a good enough job of converting those leads into qualified prospects.

While your law firm website may have initially been set up to generate leads, it now needs to do a good job of helping you convert those leads — getting visitors to take some action, whether it’s filling out a form or picking up the phone. If you’re unsatisfied with the lead conversion capability of your law firm website, you need to focus on improving these 3 key areas in order to boost your conversion rate:

#1: Your Target Market

The first key to developing a high-converting website is understanding your target market. You don’t want everyone with a legal problem — you want people looking for a lawyer who does what you do.

Therefore, it is important for your content to align with their individual needs and be organized to easily serve up the information they are seeking. Then it needs to lead them on the path to taking an action — signing up for a free consultation, live chatting with you, sending a request for a phone consult, etc.

#2: Website Elements

To convert visitors into prospects, there are some foundational elements that should be a part of your law firm website, including:

#3: Website Analytics

Google Analytics provides critical insights into who is visiting your site, the pages they visit, whether they visit from a desktop or mobile, the search terms they use, and more. All of this data can help you increase your conversion rate. Some key data points to review regularly include:



Of course, improving the conversion ability of your law firm website will do you no good unless you have a trained intake person or team to handle inquiries from prospects. And it’s not enough just to have a warm body; you need a person or people who have been trained on how to convert your leads into appointments and, eventually, clients. 

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