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In a move that it says was driven by consumer confusion, Facebook has announced that it will remove the gray verified badges from business pages at the end of October.

What are verified badges? It’s the gray checkmark next to a company’s name on its Facebook business page:

Facebook introduced verified badges in 2015 as a simple way for businesses to prove their pages are authentic and managed by the company.   The hope was for these badges to help consumers find the right company pages, not knockoffs or duplicates. However, the company has acknowledged that the verified badges were confusing than helpful.

Facebook said that now the verified badges are being removed, businesses need to put some extra effort into ensuring their pages are authentic, such as:

Page owners should be on the lookout for a red banner that will appear on their business page advising them that their verified badge will be removed at the end of October:

Facebook says this change will not affect the way business pages show up in search results on the platform.

TIP FOR LAW FIRMS: Facebook allows you to use video as well as photos for your cover photo, which is prime real estate for content on your page. Upload a short video about your firm to boost engagement. Switch it out at least every two weeks to keep your page fresh and relevant.