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Running a law firm is a difficult task because you must practice law while being a business owner, both of which are full-time jobs! No matter how well you do in the courtroom or in the contract you wrote, your firm’s profitability is always a concern. As we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic and consider the ways law firms became more flexible to serve their clients and remain profitable during the shut-down, it is critical to continue to learn ways for attorneys to be profitable.


Maintaining your firm’s profitability requires time and hard work. However, the formula for a healthy profit margin is relatively simple – you must make more money than you spend on overhead expenses. Many attorneys focus on revenue, which is critical, but money coming in the door is not the sole element for success. To maximize your firm’s profitability, you must maximize your revenue while minimizing your expenses.

While this may seem like common sense, it is easy to get caught up in taking on more clients to increase your revenue without realizing the burden it will cost you to properly service the workload increase. Overheard and administrative costs can add up quickly if you are not consistently monitoring them.

Staying Profitable

The key to reaching profitability and staying there is examining if you will receive a significant return on investment (ROI) on all your efforts. If not, make necessary adjustments. This may require you to routinely review your firm’s processes including hiring practices, operational costs, billing and collection procedures. Ensuring you maintain a healthy ROI will be worth the effort when you see your profitability increase.

Below are a few tips to consider becoming profitable and maintain a healthy bottom line:

1.   Set Goals & Track Progress

The goal of becoming profitable requires time and hard work. Thus, it is important to set more specific goals that are on the path to achieving profitability. Defining the steps you need to take to reach your ultimate goal can help you stay focused and provides measurable results.

2.   Delegate Tasks that Others Can Handle

Billable time is the key to profitability for many attorneys. If you are spending time handling jobs you shouldn’t be doing, it is taking time and energy away from practicing law and generating income. Delegating responsibility for your firm’s profitability not only frees you up to focus on billable tasks, but it also provides your staff with a sense of ownership in the firm’s success.

3.   Leverage Technology to Your Advantage

You might be surprised at the technology that exists to assist attorneys. You can streamline processes, automate systems, and use technology to make your firm more efficient. The advantages you gain from using technology are worth the minimal investment.

4.   Track Your Firm’s Key Metrics

Routine monitoring of key metrics allows you to make adjustments where needed and also provides accountability. It is better to discover what is not working sooner rather than later. Evaluating data regarding revenue, billing, overhead, and other factors ensures that you make informed decisions.

5.   Give Clients Various Payment Options

The more convenient it is for a client to make a payment, the more likely you are to get paid! Offering alternative payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, or different online platforms for receiving payments can be a game-changer. If possible, it can be beneficial to offer payment plans that allow your clients to pay their bill in installments.

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