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You have likely encountered live chat on websites you have visited when trying to purchase a product or researching services. However, many law firms have not implemented chat on their website. Below are five reasons why your law firm should implement live chat on its website immediately:

1.     Live Chat Increases Conversions

The primary purpose of having a chat option available on your firm’s website is to improve your online visitors’ experiences. In addition, demonstrating that your attorneys are making themselves available improves conversions because most potential clients want to speak with a real person before scheduling a consultation.

Live chat allows the visitor to ask simple questions to help them understand if you can assist them with their legal needs. Providing a few easy answers to your online visitors can go a long way in converting them into loyal clients.

2.     Live Chat Makes You More Personable (and Approachable)

A friendly and knowledgeable representative answering questions through the chat option plays a significant role in potential clients choosing your law firm over less available attorneys. Even a minor engagement through chat can form a connection to your law firm.

Being able to chat online can help potential clients feel more comfortable in dealing with your law firm. Establishing familiarity and comfort results in them being more likely to follow through with setting and attending a consultation appointment.

3.     Live Chat Enhances User’s Website Experience

One of the worst things that can happen when a visitor is attempting to use your website is to get an error message or have a frustrating experience. If this happens, the user will leave your website and have a negative view of your law firm. Providing a redirect to the correct page can help keep a potential client on your website but having a chat option for error pages can help reduce the user’s frustration and allow them to get the answers they need which leave them with a positive experience with your office.

4.     Live Chat Provides Convenience for Visitors

We all know that people want convenience in their life, and this applies to hiring attorneys too. You might be surprised to learn that many online users prefer to use chat over calling your office on the telephone. Below are a few reasons why:

5.     Live Chat Increases Your Conversion Rate

No potential client wants to deal with “salesy” tactics, so if your live chat assists them with making informed decisions in a convenient way, the user is more likely to retain your law firm. Simply put, real-time customer service converts users into clients.

Live chat provides you with helpful information too, which you can use to improve your website and your support process. Your firm can assess the website pages the user has browsed and understand the type of legal services they are seeking, which is helpful in determining your follow-up strategy. Your firm can also understand areas on the website that need improvement.

How The Rainmaker Institute Can Help

Your digital presence – particularly your website – is crucial in generating and converting leads. You have worked hard to get where you are, so learn to use technology to your advantage so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor more often while also generating new clients!

The Rainmaker Institute manages your legal marketing so you can focus on lawyering. We can set-up your live chat services and improve your website. We will provide content that contains top legal focus keywords, proper page titles, appropriate meta descriptions, target length of content, and images that will boost your attractiveness to Google.

If you are ready to take your law firm to the next level and see your Google ranking improve, we can help. Whether you choose to attend one of our live events or you want a free, confidential consultation, we are here to help!