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Even if you haven’t been blogging as long as I have — my first post was on 10/3/07 about the 4 biggest problems marketing your law firm using the Yellow Pages (!) — there will come a time when you run out of ideas. You sit staring at a blank page on your screen hoping for inspiration to strike. It usually doesn’t without some effort on your part to make ideas happen.

Here are 5 places you can use as sources of inspiration for writing your law firm blog:

#1: BuzzSumo.

Social media has a galaxy of content on just about any legal topic you can think of. You can view top performing posts using BuzzSumo — you’re allowed five free searches a day or you can subscribe to the Pro version for $79/mo. for unlimited searches. I just ran a quick search for divorce and this is what popped up as the most popular divorce-related posts on social media over the past year:

The 4th most popular post was about a woman celebrating her divorce by setting her wedding dress on fire. If you’re a divorce lawyer, you could use this as the premise for a post on unique ways to get on with your life after divorce.

BuzzSumo Pro also gives you access to tools like Facebook Analyzer that tells you what posts are performing best — yours and your competitors — as well as analysis of any topic you choose. You can also get more topic ideas by using their Question Analyzer that searches for real questions consumers are asking on forums and e-commerce sites related to any topic you choose. And their Content Analysis tool will tell you what kind of content works best in any industry.

#2: Reddit.

Reddit is a highly popular site containing user-generated content from all over the Internet. People vote on what they like, so you see the most popular posts right away. It is also a great place to find infographics to use on your blog. Go to reddit.com/r/infographics and then scroll through some of the top performing infographics. I noticed right away there was a trending graphic on “How Dads in America Sleep,” noting that divorced dads have the lowest sleep score. This could be used in a blog about the effect of divorce on men’s health. You can also enter a topic to search for top posts and graphics.

#3: Quora.

Quora aggregates questions asked and answered about any topic. You can find common questions as well as deeper inquiries that can trigger interesting blog content.

#4: Industry blogs.

Subscribing to the top blogs in your industry can bring you a wealth of information and ideas for your own blog.   You can start your search with the ABA Journal’s 100 Best Law Blogs and Feedspot’s Top 100 Legal Blogs.

#5: Your own content.

Take your best performing blogs and repurpose them by creating an infographic, video, or even an ad. Repurposing your content gives you more mileage from a popular post, and you can breathe more life into it with new data, insights, or updates.