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If your law firm uses WordPress, then you may be excited to learn more about the updates and new features released on January 25, 2022. This update is the first major improvement of 2022, and the big news is now there is Full Site Editing.

What is Full Site Editing?

WordPress 5.9 is offering users more editing features. It is easier to edit your law firm’s WordPress theme without using code, which means it is simpler to create your website with a custom design. To locate the Editor, click on the “appearance” tab on your Dashboard and scroll to “editor.” Remember, however, full site editing is only available if you have a theme supported by this new feature.

Site-Wide Blocks

The updates in WordPress 5.9 include ten new blocks created for full site editing. These new blocsk are located under the “Themes” and they include the following:

A user can also create new styles for their theme. All you have to do is click on the Style icon located in the top right corner of your screen as you are editing a page or post.

Additionally, with the site editor, a user can change the styles of individual blocks being used on your law firm’s website. Again, it is simple. Click on the “Style” tab, select “Blocks,” and you can customize the blocks listed. The styles you select for individual block can apply across your site.

Navigation Menus Can Be Added

A new way to edit navigation menus is introduced in WordPress 5.9. The Navigation Menu has an “add new” button next to it. You can easily add a navigation menu title if you are using a supported theme. If you want to edit your navigation menu, use the Navigation Menu block located in the site editor.

2022 Default Theme

WordPress 5.9, being released in 2022, offers a new default theme called “Twenty Twenty-Two.” It provides users with flexibility and significant control over design. Additionally, the theme provides patterns a user can use in the site editor or the block editor when you are writing content. There are also numerous other themes to choose from.

Improvements to Block Editor

Most attorneys using WordPress focus on writing content, which is why WordPress continually strives to improve the block editor. WordPress 5.9 allows you to easily move sections from the “list view,” located on the toolbar by clicking on the item and moving it up or down. Readjusting the layout of your content is now much more user-friendly.

Better Social Icons

It was difficult to use the parent and child blocks with the social icons and buttons in prior versions of WordPress. The newest version of WordPress allows child blocks to sue the parent block’s toolbar.

Improved Options for Headings

In the headings block you can choose a heading level from the vertical dropdown menu. Additional typography, designs, margins, and spacing options are available to apply to your headings.

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