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Advertising has been around for a long time. In fact, for as long as businesses have existed, there has been a need to let the world know what they offer. In Medieval Europe, signs were placed outside shops advertising the product or service offered. Now advertising is a 148 billion dollar industry where businesses – including law firms – prosper and fail based on their ability to reach out to customers or potential clients.


Customers can’t use your business if they don’t know you exist. You may have a grand opening and get some initial buzz, but this is unlikely to sustain long-term growth. Demographics change and sending out consistent reminders of your existence will ensure you always have a presence in the community. Advertising also reminds former clients that you are still around and lets existing clients know of any new products and legal services you are offering.

Building Your Brand

What do people think when they hear about your law firm? Controlling the narrative surrounding your business is critical to creating a positive brand image. Advertising gives you an avenue to tell potential clients what you care about and associates a product or service with your firm name. With effective advertising, whenever a potential client has a need, your product or service is already in their mind and that will be the first place they go to resolve their legal need.

Finding Customers AND Talent

Advertising doesn’t just present what product or service you offer but also attracts talent. It may let clients know your law firm exists but serves a secondary purpose of letting qualified talent know you when you have potential job openings. Employees want to work for a well-known company with a positive reputation in the community and advertising can establish your firm as just that. Advertising will keep your company fresh in the mind of a talented employee who may one day be seeking a new job.


Some businesses use advertising to distinguish themselves from competitors, but, according to Mark Quinn at Business Insider, educating the customer can create a more loyal customer. Advertising lets the potential client know there is a solution to an issue they are having, and you are that solution. Apple has done this successfully because it invested in educating its customers on how an iPad works and showing them its utility. This investment paid off with the massive success of the iPad. Through advertising, law firms can educate customers by making them aware of a legal remedy to an issue they assumed there was no remedy for.

Engaging New Audiences Through New Mediums

With the emergence of new technologies, being the first to advertise on these mediums provides new avenues to reach people that other mediums don’t. It also provides a way to connect with audiences more deeply. For example, beverage giant Diageo launched a Father’s Day campaign allowing children to scan a code and upload a Father’s Day Video to a cloud system. The father would then scan the same code and receive the message. This created a more personalized experience for the campaign’s audience by utilizing a new medium. If your law firm could use creative ways to connect with online users, the results would be positive and profitable.

Let The Rainmaker Institute Help With Your Advertising

People are always looking online for answers on whether their situation is legally actionable. Being at the top of search results will bring relevant traffic to your law firm’s website. The Rainmaker Institute offers numerous options to advertise your firm and utilizes SEO to improve your website’s online search ranking.

Since 1999, The Rainmaker Institute has helped over 20,000 attorneys become financially successful with effective internet marketing strategies, becoming the largest legal marketing company. For a free consultation, reach out to us and let us know how our experienced marketing team can create long-term growth for your firm.