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We'll meet with you to bring over your existing website content and make adjsutments so we build a site that converts.

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Within a few weeks we'll have a brand new website you can be proud to use in your marketing efforts that converts more clients.

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We'll host your site and make adjustments when needed so it's hands off to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For many, this is the first question out of your mouth. Even before we talk about what you’re even looking for. It’s like saying, “I want to finish my basement. What’s that going to cost?” to a contractor before you even tell him what you want to do with the basement. Converting your basement into one big room for a giant playroom will involve a lot less time and money than a “man cave” that includes a bar, theater room and bowling alley! The same is true for websites. You can get a website built for less than $100 if you’re okay with the level of site you’ll get with that investment. For us, a website budget could range from $5,000 to $50,000 – quite a range, but just like finishing a basement, it’s all in the details. Do you want granite countertops and marble floors, or would you be okay with something more basic?
100 percent of the websites we build at JoltCMS involve a content management system (CMS), which is a web-based tool that allows anyone to be able to manage/update their own website. We utilize a couple of different CMS tools, depending on the needs and budget of the client. No matter which CMS we implement for a website, the goal is to provide full flexibility, while at the same time offering a solid design structure and foundation, making it easy to add/update/delete content, pages, photos, forms, and more without “messing things up” visually.
Unlike the “Field of Dreams,” if you build it, they won’t necessarily come! To be “seen” by Google and other search engines, you must pay attention to several components – too many to list here – both on the site itself and outside your website. I go into more detail in another post about “Common Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Questions.” But, going back to question #1 again, building a “cheap” site doesn’t usually involve much focus on SEO, because doing it the RIGHT way does involve time. That being said, even a basic website should be designed with search engines in mind. The way a site is built can have a huge impact on its “search friendliness.”
I hate to keep giving the answer, “it depends,” but it depends! For simpler websites that don’t involve intricate details and comprehensive database integration, we typically suggest a timeframe of 45-90 days. For those sites that do require more, the project could last six to nine months, or more. At JoltCMS, I would say our typical website takes around two months.
Google is the biggest search engine by far. With over 5.6 billion searches made every day, it is clear that this company has a large amount of influence on what people are looking for online. In order for a website to be shown on the first page of Google, it is important that websites include the keywords that internet users are searching for, by creating content that’s relevant to those searches. This will help in ranking higher on search engine results pages and enable people to find the content they want to see far more quickly and easily. There are many other factors that can make a difference too. Google has a whole list of preferences, not just around keywords. Other things to bear in mind include how quickly the website loads, whether it’s secure and if it’s mobile friendly.