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Lawyers need to understand their Avvo Rating and how it can impact their law practice. There is no fee to be rated by the company. In fact, Avvo creates a file for every licensed attorney they can locate.

Avvo evaluates a lawyer’s background and experience based upon the data that is included in the lawyer’s Avvo profile. Attorneys provide information for their profiles, and Avvo collects information from state bar associations, public records, and other legal organizations.

Attorney Profiles

All information impacting a lawyer’s Avvo Rating can be found in the attorney’s profile. An Avvo rating is not provided for lawyers that have not claimed their profile. A lawyer can add data to their profile, which tends to increase their Avvo rating more than those lawyers who do not add information.

The Avvo Rating does not indicate an attorney’s knowledge of the law, success rate, communication skills, or personality. These factors are addressed in the peer endorsements and client reviews found in the lawyer’s profile.

Why Avvo Ratings Are Trustworthy

The Avvo Rating is an unbiased and trustworthy rating that evaluates all attorneys by the same set of standards. It uses a mathematical model that does not show favoritism, and a rating cannot be bought. The rating system was designed with the input of lawyers, consumers, and legal professionals focused on providing the most relevant information needed when selecting the right lawyer to hire.

The Avvo Rating is an overview of a lawyer, but it shouldn’t be used as the sole basis for hiring an attorney. Peer endorsements and client reviews should also be considered. A client should always meet with the lawyer and follow their instincts on whether they would make a good team.

The Avvo Rating Scale

Although Avvo publishes the information considered in the rating on the attorney’s profile, the company does not disclose the formula used to calculate the rating or the weight given to each piece of data. Avvo keeps these matters private to ensure impartiality and the integrity of the ratings. Below are the ratings and what they mean:

What Does it Mean if a Lawyer has No Rating?

If an attorney has not claimed their profile and there is no public record of discipline by the bar association, Avvo does not give a rating and indicates that the lawyer is not active on Avvo. However, if discipline by the bar association appears in the public records, Avvo displays “Attention” to their profile.

Can a lawyer Remove their Avvo Rating?

A lawyer may contact Avvo to remove the rating from their profile if they have no disciplinary actions against them and they are not seeking clients. If Avvo removes the rating, the attorney will no longer appear in practice area search results. However, the lawyer’s license details and review by clients will remain.

Avvo does not adjust ratings or remove profiles by request, but an attorney may request profile information to be corrected. If a lawyer wants to change the Avvo rating, updating the attorney’s profile with work experience, professional achievements, and other relevant information will impact the rating.

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