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Although most trends come and go quite quickly, making it difficult to justify the effort to follow them, there are a few landing page trends we are seeing for 2022 that are worth your consideration. Your website land page is critical to your brand as well as increasing your conversion rates. Thus, law firms must make an effort to maintain their landing pages in a way that is both appealing to potential clients and successful in increasing conversions.

Below are a few of the trends for landing pages that we recommend you consider:

Create an Interactive Experience on the Landing Page

Online searchers are increasingly looking for interactive content which permits the user to choose their way of receiving information. For example, a quiz that allows the user to customize their experience on your website in an entertaining or exciting way improves their engagement with you and increases their time on your page.

Why is interactive content becoming so popular? Potential clients are tired of impersonal messaging. Instead, they crave more personalized content. It could be as simple as creating a landing page that allows the potential client to select the areas of practice they are interested in and narrow the focus of how your attorneys could assist them. It is a new and exciting way to customize your initial introduction to the services your firm provides.

Explainer Videos

We all know that using videos on a website is not new. Instead, it is more of an expectation now. However, the content of videos is shifting to shorter clips that walk the potential client through your law firm’s services. Videos have proven to be more influential and significantly increase your conversion rate. In addition, a video creates a familiarity with you and what to expect from your law firm.


Animation or movement on your website will catch the user’s eye and pique their interest. Even the use of subtle motion is effective. Moreover, you can use animation in a creative and fun way. Remember, whatever it takes to make your website stand out from the competition is a good use of your time and effort.

Conversational copy

Most landing pages are focused on design because it is the first representation of your brand. However, a new trend is emerging that encourages conversation. For example, you may open with a question about a recent victory in court and ask if the user needs a “win.” Try whatever conversational content you think will encourage conversions with your landing page and see if you get results.

Client Reviews

Law firms must understand that online reviews from their clients can have a considerable impact. Whether it is a simple acknowledgment on social media, a Google Business Profile (aka Google My Business) review, or another positive review of your legal services, it is valuable in boosting your online presence and reputation. Personalized recommendations are typically trusted by online users more than any self-promotion you can dream up.

Due to the importance of online recommendations, landing pages are starting to use client reviews to be one of the first things a searcher sees. Each review may be compelling in its own way for a targeted client, but taken together, they also have an overall positive influence too.

Email-only Forms

Online users do not want to take time to fill out several fields to be added to your firm’s newsletter list. The new trend is to use only one field on your landing page. As a result, potential clients are more likely to type their email and be done with it, which can increase your conversion rate.


Interesting imagery that catches a user’s attention is ideal for your landing page. Therefore, having an eye-catching landing page is essential, whether bold colors, abstract elements, photographs, or a gradient background (that adds depth but not download time).

Gender-Neutral Content

Law firms should consider gender inclusivity in their landing page content. Instead of using he or she, consider using “they” for a singular pronoun. If you are requesting information from the potential client, provide the option for “rather not say” regarding gender or other personal information.

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