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Your Google Business Profile (GBP), which was formerly called Google My Business, may need some updates if you are working to improve your rankings and online visibility. Below are 8 essential updates that will not only update your Profile, but allow you to set yourself apart from your competitors:

1.  Location Information

It is important to verify that your location information is correct on your GBP. Even if your business only has one location and has never moved, your location information can be modified if a Google user makes a suggested edit for your firm and the edit is accepted by Google….without you knowing.

Checking to confirm your business location is correct can save confusion for potential clients, which expect accuracy from their attorney. If you have more than one location, make it clear where each office is located and if specific attorneys only work at certain locations.

2. Post Your Holiday/Special Hours of Operation

Your GBP is a great place to let Google users know when you will and won’t be in your office. If your office is forced to closed due to a Covid-19 outbreak or natural disaster, you can post that you are temporarily closed. This simple communication can show you care and are trying to reduce frustration for your clients.

3. Optimization of Your Services

Many lawyers make the mistake of thinking that listing their areas of practice on their website is the only way to inform potential clients of their services. While your website is a critical piece of your legal marketing, conversion opportunities can be made using GBP. Linking blogs, newsletters and other pieces of content and optimizing your areas of practice will result in your law firm appearing in more Google searches.

4. Update Images

We all know people react better when visually stimulated when searching online. This means that your GBP will receive more clicks and a better response if you post photos, infographics and other visual aids. Not only will images increase your conversion rate, but it will also inform the online user of your brand. Whether it is your images of your office, your logo, or your office staff, it makes the potential client more comfortable knowing what to expect when they visit your law firm.

5. Reviews, Q&A, and Messages

You might be surprised with how GBP can open a dialogue with potential clients. GBP allows online searchers to reach out to you through reviews, messages and questions & answer sections. You can respond to their questions and establish confidence and trust before meeting them in person. Additionally, other users who see your responses will be more likely to seek your assistance when they need legal help.

It should be noted that your Google reviews appear with your Business Profile in Maps and Search. Online users have more confidence in a law firm when they see that reviews are being taken seriously and being actively responded to, whether the reviews are positive or negative. In fact, responding to negative reviews is crucial in customer retention.

Google Q&A gives potential clients the ability to ask your law firm questions, which appear on your GBP. Many lawyers are not aware that a user can leave an answer, which may be incorrect. Thus, you should actively monitor the Q&A to not only ensure that correct answers are provided, but also to demonstrate your knowledge and authority.

If you choose to use Google Messaging, you will need to turn on “chat” in GBP. This gives potential clients the option to see a “contact us now” button and send your firm a message.

6. Post FAQ

GBP allows an attorney to draft their own frequently asked questions and responses in their Business Profile to address common concerns clients often have. This can be an effective way to provide valuable information while also decreasing the burden on your legal support team.

7. Google Posts

A Google post is an effective way to share more detailed and lengthy information. A post can be text, photos or videos. A post is another simple way to drive potential clients to your website and to set yourself apart from your competition.

8. GBP Attributes

When you review your attributes on GBP, be sure you are providing searchers with details on what they can expect when they visit your office. For searchers who are concerned with Covid-19 exposure and social-distancing, let me know what measures your law firm offers to keep them safe. You may also want to identify if your law firm is minority-owned or if you speak multiple languages.

9. Add UTM Tags

Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) tags are tracking codes that a user can add at the end of external links. The purpose of UTM tags is they can provide you with more information about where online traffic comes from and how that traffic got to your website. By using UTM tags, your firm can determine whether potential clients are finding your website by using GMP, by regular online searches and the best ways to budget marketing costs going forward.

Google Business Profile Monitoring

Google Business Profile monitoring can help significantly improve your online presence. It shows potential clients that you consistent and accurate with your information and that you care enough to lessen any frustration by them when dealing with you. All these efforts will lead to conversions and better relations with current clients.

If you are interested in learning more about legal marketing or how The Rainmaker Institute can help improve your Google rankings, contact us today by calling by calling (480) 347-9800 or by using our convenient online form.