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4 Things Law Firms Need to Improve Their Intake Process

4 Things Law Firms Need to Improve Their Intake Process

Many law firms I know are spending thousands of dollars every month on lead generation. Some tout their ability to generate hundreds of new leads every month for their firm, thinking that number is the benchmark for success. It’s not. If your firm is not converting the leads you generate into paying clients, you are […]

The 10-Step Process for Designing a Great Client Intake System

5 Steps to Perfecting Your Law Firm’s Intake Process

The success of your law practice depends on new clients. And when it comes to acquiring them, your client intake process is everything. You can’t just hope the phone will ring. You can’t just hope the person answering the phone will say the right things or get the right information. You can’t just hope the […]

How to Build a Stellar Law Firm Intake System

Note:  This post first ran in September 2017. While I am away for the holidays, I am re-running some of my posts that are timeless in hopes that those of you who may have missed one of them will benefit.  Wishing you a peaceful and prosperous 2019! New clients mean cash flow, the lifeblood of […]