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8 Tips for Improving the Financial Future of Your Law Firm

Whether you are a solo practitioner or run a multi-million dollar law firm, practicing law is a business. You are not only responsible for providing legal representation to your clients (your product), you are also responsible for the financial and operational matters that allow your law firm to continue to grow and prosper (your business). […]

8 Things You Need to Do to Run Your Law Firm Like a Business

Note:  This post first ran in August 2017. While I am away for the holidays, I am re-running some of my posts that are timeless in hopes that those of you who may have missed one of them will benefit.  Wishing you a peaceful and prosperous 2019! Law school prepared you for the practice of […]

Law Firm Growth: How to Maintain Your Focus on What Matters

The holidays are approaching, so what do you have planned?  If you are like most law firm owners I know, you won’t be going anywhere without your smartphone, tablet or your laptop.  That’s because you’ll undoubtedly be working.  If you could change that would you? Well, you can—if you learn to delegate the things that […]