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We hate boring webinars that are just a mask for selling. That’s why we want to give it to you straight.

The Rainmaker Institute’s newest 4-part webinar series will teach you how to add 2-4 more clients per week without spending any more on marketing or Google!

There are no gimmicks or pressure sales. 100% education. Quick. Concise. Real-world knowledge from the experts who have worked with over 18,000 attorneys.

Everyone is probably telling you that you need more leads and you need to spend more on marketing, that you need a coach, and need to join their mastermind group to change your mindset.

Then what?

You just spent a lot, you feel good, but you are not signing up more clients. There is an easier way. We are going to show you how to CONVERT your leads into paying clients in a very short amount of time. Learn how to move leads out of the shopping mode and into the buying mode.

We will teach you how to create a process that simply produces more clients. The best part — all 4 segments of this informative webinar series are FREE and only 45 minutes each. Here’s the schedule:

April 1/1 p.m. ET – 10 Reasons Why Your Firm Lost Clients Last Month (plus how to schedule more appointments now)

April 8/1 p.m. ET – 7 Numbers You Must Track in Your Law Firm (and how to analyze them to add more clients every week)

April 15/1 p.m. ET – 5 Tactics the Most Successful Law Firms Use to Reliably Convert Leads to Clients

April 22/1 p.m. ET – Summary Master Class: How to Add More Clients Without Spending More on Legal Marketing

All you need to do is register ONCE to save your seat in all 4 webinars.