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We recognize many businesses across the nation are struggling right now and some of those businesses are clients of ours. Business owners are scared about the future. I’ve personally received more calls, texts, and emails from CEOs this past week than I have in the last 3 months combined. Everyone wants to talk about the crisis facing our country, how it’s impacting their business, and what ideas and strategies we have to help them through these difficult times or how to have difficult conversations with staff, clients and prospects.

They are telling me prospects are either taking more time than ever to make a decision or simply choosing not to make a decision at all, unless absolutely necessary. In the midst of crisis and uncertainty people develop a “bunker mentality.” Fear paralyzes their decision-making process.

In my 20 years of experience dealing with over 20,000 lawyers I have found 3 things make the most difference when it comes to success, survival or failure during difficult economic times:

  1. Having a solid strategic plan
  2. Refusing to let fear paralyze you
  3. Taking immediate, massive action

Many small businesses fail during a recession because they kill the only engine that will help them survive this crisis –sales and marketing.

This is not the time to pull back on either one! This is the time to double down.

Many of your competitors are running for the hills. Now is the time to take massive action and grab market share from them!

How Rainmaker Can Help

Over the last 20 years, we have consulted with over 20,000 attorneys to help them grow their business through ups and downs, make the right business decisions, and thrive. We did this during the great recession of 2007-09 and we are ready to do it again. Our main priority is serving the needs of law firms while continuing uninterrupted operations during this time and providing the best possible service that produces the best possible results for your firm.

The Rainmaker Institute® is here to help you through these historically unprecedented times. We know that with so much on your mind it can be easy to overlook some simple, yet very powerful, communication tools to stay connected with clients and keep those hot prospects on the hook.

Here are just a few things we can help you with that law firms tend to overlook:

Clients Still Need You

Despite staying at home, potential clients still need your services. Many can participate in phone or video consultations (we prefer video as they seem to convert better). We recommend the following methods that are effective on both desktop and mobile devices:

What We Can Do For You Now

*** For the next 90 days, we are waiving our normal $300 consult fee to help small law firm owners who are going through difficult times.***

For current Rainmaker clients:

I encourage you to reach out to your Project Manager to discuss specific strategies for your law firm to follow during this crisis. Since we are already intimately familiar with your clients and your firm, please reach out and let us help you through the next few weeks and months with solid, proven advice, practical strategies, and critical changes. We are waiving our normal consultation fee for the next 90 days for all existing clients.

If you are not currently a Rainmaker client:

We still want to help! We are offering a FREE law firm marketing strategy session with a Rainmaker Marketing Expert who can talk with you about your current challenges and provide strategies for marketing your law firm in this uncertain business climate. Just click on the link below to schedule your session: